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Earth's Daughters #78

Print Publication, EarthsDaughters.org, Poem-
(2011) "God's Breath on His Back"

Print Publication, Alt-Current.com, Poem-
(2011) "Culturing"  (First appeared in Wyoming Writes: Seasonings for Life, 2002)

Moongate, Mother Bird Books
Print (Zine) Publication, not online, Prose-
(1996) "First Dance"

Le Mot Juste
Print Publication, not online, Poems-
(2009) "Aerial Photograph: California Desert Sands" (Also in ACWC art show "In Flight")
(2010) "Mourning at Moose River"

Arts News
Print Newsletter, not online, Article-
(2015) "What isn't in our Art: Useful Emptiness"

The Other Herald
Print Publication, OtherHerald.com, Articles-
(2006) "Ready to Receive the Gifts of Georgia O'Keeffe"
(2007) "Use of Text in Art: A Gallery of Words"
(2011) "Art is In Us & Everywhere: Public Art in Rochester, NY"

Book Reviews-
(2009) Weird Love: The Sound of Building Coffins
(2010) Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
(2011) Instant Poetry: Just Add Words
(2011) Magical Microfiction
(2011) Creativity in the Presence of Chaos

Writing Exercises-

Heralding the art of words in Western NY and beyond...

The Other Herald is Edited by T. F. Rice. Published quarterly 7/10-current (was monthly 11/06-6/10), this creative arts newsletter/zine offers a bit of everything for both readers and writers.
More info on web site: http://www.otherherald.com  Rice occasionally also writes articles, book reviews, and writing exercises for TOH. Visit TOH on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/theotherherald/

Etsy Whimsy !
...Whimsy & encouragement in all sorts of gifty items!

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... now you can see my postcards, etc. on RedBubble!  Nature is awesome!

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Wyoming Writes:
Seasonings For Life

Selected works by Wyoming County, NY writers. Illustrated by Mr. Scribbles! Hand-tied bookmark on each book, various types of cord. 178 pages.

Writing exercises scattered through the book, chosen from writers' group favorites. Great for the writer and reader alike! Nice, thick pages for lots of reading...

First printing was 50 copies, printed/folded and hand-assembled / hand-punched and tied custom binding by the writers' group at Mike Sparling's old studio on Water Street in Perry, NY. None currently available for sale, sorry.

Second printing was 100 and beautifully done by Mercury Print Productions of Rochester so that they resemble the self-published books that Wyoming Writes toiled over... the original intent for the book to be "substantial in the palm, unique and well-made for endless reading", complete with hand-tied binding and bookmark (but also perfect-bound so very durable).
Some copies still available, but <25.

Purchase this book now from T. F. Rice - $15

Somes copies may be available from local independent bookseller Burlingham Books- call and ask!

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